President Dilma's Approval for November 2013 / by Mark Langevin

November 2013 CNI-IBOPE Presidential/Government Public Opinion Evaluation 

The most recent CNI-IBOPE public opinion poll of government approval indicates that President Dilma is recovering from her fall in the polls immediately after the June mobilizations.  It seems that the polling in June and July of this year really demonstrated the frustration of the median Brazilian with the state of government and public policies, not so much a direct criticism of the actual Brazilian executive.  President Dilma must continue to bear down on the issues that matter most, especially public health and the SUS, but her recent rise in the polls brings her closer to where she currently stands in general and her place in the Presidential election of 2014.

Principal Results:

  • The percentage of the population that reports an excellent or good evaluation of President Dilma's government rose from 37% to 43% from last month.
  • The overall approval rating remains within a band of 54 to 56%
  • 53% of Brazilians remain confident in President Dilma's leadership
  • The portion of the population that approves of the President's public policies increased, with anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs leading the way.
  • Health policy remains a problem with 52% reporting worse performance than a month ago.
  • President Dilma's popularity is highest in the states of Amazonas,  Rondônia, Piauí and Ceará.
  • Her lowest popularity ratings are found in the Federal District and the states of São Paulo, Espírito Santo e Rio de Janeiro.

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