Rio de Janeiro's Low Carbon Development Plan / by Mark Langevin

Last June, Rio de Janeiro’s Mayor Eduardo Paes and the World Bank’s Vice-President for Latin America and the Caribbean, Hassab Tuluy, launched the city’s unprecedented plan to rapidly lower carbon emissions through low carbon economic development.

The plan features both systematic energy and carbon emission audits and concerted investments in low carbon, sustainable economic activities.

Mayor Paes, re-elected this past October for a second term, pronounced “this program and other policies and programs of the city government can put Brazilian cities ahead of the rest in low carbon, sustainable development.”

This announcement paralleled the city’s hosting of the Rio+20 summit where government and civil society representatives from around the world came together to consider the past twenty years and how to move forward to confront the challenges of global warming and the need for sustainable development. 

The Plan sets out an ambitious agenda of to reduce carbon emissions by 2.3 million tons by 2020 or 20% of the total amount of 2005 emissions.

For an overview of the Plan in English, download and read Flavia Carloni's presentation, RioLCCDP_12-06-2012, at the Sustainable Innovation Forum at the Doha Climate Change Conference.  For more information contact Flavia Carloni at:

Centro de Estudos Integrados sobre Meio Ambiente e Mudanças Climáticas

Centro Clima/COPPE/UFRJ

Centro de Tecnologia – Bloco I 2000 – Sala I 208

Cidade Universitária - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ

CEP: 21949-900 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brasil