Brazil and the United States End the Cotton Dispute / by Mark Langevin

Abrapa Logo 2012 1 After more than a decade the Brazilian and U.S. governments signed an historic Memorandum of Understanding to end the “cotton dispute.”

Read the MOU here: Cotton MOU 011014

The Brazilian Cotton Producers Association (ABRAPA) supports this historic agreement.

Read the ABRAPA press release here. Abrapa Press Release - Brasil-USA Agreement

BrazilWorks congratulates both governments for working out this important agreement that may open the way toward greater bilateral cooperation on agriculture and trade.

In my role as international advisor to ABRAPA I wish to thank President Gilson Pinesso, the ABRAPA directorate and management, and Haroldo Cunha of the Brazilian Cotton Institute for such an historic opportunity to make my own modest contribution to this outcome. Gilson Pinesso is a remarkable agricultural producer, but his leadership and political insight have produced an historic agreement that may change bilateral relations for some time.

Gilson e ABRAPA muito obrigado!

In the coming days and weeks, BrazilWorks will offer a bit more analysis of the agreement and how it will move relations forward.

Mark S. Langevin

International Advisor to ABRAPA

Director, Brazilworks